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We have generated several outputs, directed toward academic and non-academic audiences, concerned to contribute to urban housing justice.

Zine: One output is a ‘zine’ of the residents of the building occupation, Cissie Gool House (CGH), in Cape Town, developed in collaboration with Barry Christianson. The zine, which was developed as a photographic and counter-narrative based output, centred the stories of 14 of the residents of the occupation. It can be viewed here:


The zine has been well received by the participants at CGH, distributed in alternative

bookshops in Cape Town, and been picked up as illustration of counter-narrative production, and a tool for advocacy. We have consequently been involved in workshops with the members of the ‘occupation diaries’ project, concerned with supporting land occupiers across the city in generating similar ‘stories’, as counter-narrative. The zine has also been written about by the social justice media publication, New Frame, here:

Residents, not occupiers, live at Cissie Gool House : New Frame

The zine has also been drawn on in co-design workshops at CGH, advancing planning from below, as a challenge to municipal efforts to proceed with social housing plans.


Blog: As a collective, concerned to engage in in-depth and comparative conversation on housing access, we have also contributed to a blog on covid-19 and housing, here: